Inna Segal: The Secret of Life Wellness

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Állapot: Jó állapotú (Apró szépséghibákkal.)
Kiadó: Atria Books
A kiadás éve: 2013
Kötéstípus: Puha kötés
Nyelv: Angol
Oldalszám: 286


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  • Házhozszállítás, FoxPost / MPL automata, PostaPont, Packeta
  • Ingyenes budapesti személyes átvétel 3 helyszínen
  • Kedvező szállítási díjak (akár 650 forinttól)
  • Bankkártyás fizetés / utánvétel / banki átutalás

The Essential Guide to Life’s Big Questions

Everyone comes into this world with the ability to be a visionary, access Divine wisdom, and follow their internal guidance system. The challenge is accessing and utilizing the inner compass we all have. In The Secret of Life Wellness , Inna Segal goes beyond physical healing to demonstrate that life wellness reflects health wellness. By answering twenty-one of life’s biggest questions, Segal guides you through every stage of your personal well-being and invites us all to look within to find answers. From losing weight to raising confident children and dealing with loss, Segal covers the full spectrum of human challenges. With simple wisdom and easy and impactful exercises that can be integrated into one’s day-to-day life, Segal clears away the complexity to offer „must have tools” for healing, transformation, and evolution. Discover life-changing secrets to enable you to: – Develop your intuition – Dramatically improve your health – Create harmony in your relationships – Discover your soul’s purpose – Attract money and success into your life – Embrace your shadow side – Deal with challenging emotions – Use your energy centers to heal and evolve – Attract and understand soul mates – Experience unconditional love and much more… Plus, Microsoft tags throughout the book give you the option of listening to Segal guide you frst hand through powerful healing techniques.

Heal your body and discover your deepest purpose with this transformative guide to integrating wellness and restorative solutions into your everyday life. If you have ever sought to heal physical ailments, strengthen your relationships, or overcome anxiety and depression, internationally renowned intuitive healer Inna Segal has all the secrets to channeling your body’s innate resilience. Through her incredibly popular seminars and healing sessions, Segal has been actively sought out for her valued advice, and now, she answers the twenty-four most important questions about your journey to wellness in this essential guide. Segal’s answers will help you restore your health, improve your relationships, tune in to your energy center, and confidently create your reality. As you tap into your intuition and let go of old patterns, you will discover a hidden wellspring of energy and a greater capacity to experience joy, presence of being, and sacred connections.Dedicated to bringing these healing powers to people from all walks of life, Segal combines her personal insights, real life examples, and interactive tools to help you heal, transform, and flourish in everything you do. Designed to lead you down the path of lifelong energy and wellbeing, The Secret Language of Wellnessgoes beyond prescriptive advice; it creates a healing way of life.

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  • Házhozszállítás (1-5 munkanap) - 1890 Ft | 15000 Ft-tól 1290 Ft
  • FoxPost automata (2-7 munkanap) - 1290 Ft | 5000 Ft-tól 990 Ft | 15000 Ft-tól 650 Ft
  • Packeta átvevőhely (2-7 munkanap) - 1390 Ft | 5000 Ft-tól 1190 Ft | 15000 Ft-tól 750 Ft
  • MPL automata (1-5 munkanap) - 1490 Ft | 5000 Ft-tól 1290 Ft | 15000 Ft-tól 890 Ft
  • PostaPont (1-5 munkanap) - 1490 Ft | 5000 Ft-tól 1290 Ft | 15000 Ft-tól 890 Ft

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  • 1173, Budapest, Kotász Károly utca 20. - készpénzes fizetési lehetőség
  • 1053 Budapest, Királyi Pál utca 11. - kizárólag előzetes fizetést követően
  • 1116 Budapest, Fehérvári út 168-178. - kizárólag előzetes fizetést követően

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